This Santa works out of 'call center' to bring holiday joy

Santa's helper has been providing free video calls for all the kids on the nice list.


Even through the pandemic, Santa has been working overtime this year.

"I get calls from California, Maine, Nebraska, Florida, New York City, of course," he said.

This Santa, whose name is Chuck Plant, has been working out of his “call center” (aka his garage) instead of his workshop, video chatting with children to lift their spirits. He knows this has been a difficult time for adults and kids alike.

"I started this because I know they’re upset, missing school, missing their friends and just thought I'd reach out to them, see what they're doing, make sure everybody is safe," he said.

Even though parents have offered to pay for his time, Santa has a better idea of how to get on the nice list.

"I told them to go ahead and give it to the local food bank or charity of their choice. But yeah, this is my gift to the children," he said.

Santa's not sure how long the video chats will go on, but for now, he has the time and essential employees who help.

"The elves are busy making the toys. They don’t need the supervision," he said.

You can schedule a call on the Santa Chuck Plant Facebook page.