Santa speaks with kids behind glass, through intercom with creative holiday solution

He's finding out who's been naughty and whose been nice a little differently this year.


It's a Christmas tradition for children to gather in a park in Webster, North Carolina, to tell Santa what they want under their Christmas trees. Because of 2020 and social distancing regulations, it looks a bit different this year.

City leaders came up with a creative way for children and families to meet Santa and share their Christmas wishlists.

Rather than have the children sit on Santa’s lap, they told Old Saint Nick their Christmas wishes through an intercom.

"Of course we know with everything going on, the way it is this year, things are a little bit different. So this year I’ll be sitting here behind the glass and just waving at the kids that go by," Santa said. "Just walk up to the door, you push the button and I’ll push back to talk and we can be able to carry on a conversation. And you can let me know what you want for Christmas."

Parents and kids agreed, it was a unique way to continue the holiday cheer.

"They loved it. They was expecting him to be in the cabin like usual, so it was a little surprise for all of us when we got here. It was kinda funny at first, 'cause it’s the first time we’ve had to do it this way. But I think it worked out pretty well," said Pam Boiter, who brought her children to the event.

Even Santa knew how important it was to stay safe but still bring joy to families after a difficult year.

"So many people are sick, so many people are afraid of getting sick. And if we could just put a smile on not only a kid's face, but an adult’s face, that’s what the season’s about," he said. "I live for this once a year. To be able to come here and do this right here at this time."