Nurse saves ICU COVID-19 patient with newborn, but didn’t stop there

Thanks to a nurse going above and beyond for her patient, mom and new baby are getting stronger every day.


At 28 weeks pregnant, Jacklyn Rodriguez was diagnosed with COVID-19. Her symptoms were so serious she had to be taken to the ICU and be intubated. Little Julien was born 10 weeks early and had to be rushed to the NICU for treatment. Rodriguez woke up a day later, but had to stay separate from her son as she was still testing positive for the virus and needed more time to recover.

It was a few weeks later that she was able to meet her son for the first time through glass, and later was able to go home to other three children, but Julian remained in the hospital. After an off-the-cuff comment about how uncomfortable her bed was, one of the nurses that helped to save Rodriguez, Angela Derochers-Barney, went above and beyond for her patient. Derochers-Barney and other nurses have been raising money for new mattresses for COVID-19 patients so when they return home, they have a more comfortable bed to recover in. She worked with a local business to surprise the Rodriguez parents a new, more comfortable place to rest and heal.

Both mom and baby are getting stronger every day, thanks in part to their "angel." Watch more on this story above.