'Please, please wear a mask, wear a mask for him:' Mom implores wearing masks to help those at risk

The mother of a severely immunocompromised toddler is asking for help.


"I want to go up to everyone and just be like, ‘Please, please wear a mask, wear a mask for him. Look at him, see him. And know that you’re doing something for our community and for everybody in our community.'"

This mom is imploring people to wear their masks. He may not look it, but Hilary Bendon’s son, Nolan, is medically fragile. He was born six weeks early and his lungs were not fully developed. He's now considered what is called a "chronic lunger."

Bendon says that if he were to get sick with the coronavirus, it would be a "dire situation" for Nolan and his family. So she's asking for her community's help by following guidelines to reduce transmission of the disease, like wearing a mask. Bendon points out wearing a mask won't just help Nolan, but other immunocompromised people as well.