FedEx worker saves two weddings after locating missing dresses

Talk about customer service!


Jared Morrs, a FedEx worker, has a new nickname within the bridal industry thanks to his excellent customer service skills.

"Definitely our 'Bridal Fairy Godfather,' no doubt!" said Tracy Ponec, owner of Rhylan Lang bridal shop.

Through Facebook, Morrs learned that a bridal shop in Omaha, Nebraska, was trying to locate a missing wedding dress in time for her client's big day.

"I think I literally said in the opening line like, ‘I know this is crazy. I get it if you can't help me.’ But no, he helped me right away. It was amazing," said Ponec.

Morrs, who lives in Kansas City, used FedEx’s technology and eventually located the package, but there were 1,500 other packages on the truck. He pulled some strings to get it delivered in time. He said it wasn’t easy to find, but he accepted the challenge.

"If you're getting married, that's the last thing you want to worry about is your wedding dress. That's your kind of your moment," said Morrs.

This earned him FedEx’s highest honor, the Purple Promise award.

Soon after, yet another bride’s dress was delayed, this time in New York. He was able to arrange for a driver to retrieve the package and get it on a plane.

"I love being able to help people out and that's been part of my job, so I really -- I would do it for anybody, any package, any product, anything like that. If I can help I would love to," said Morrs.

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