18-year old runner launches Masked Mile Challenge

The goal is to encourage mask wearing in public.


Wearing a mask in the summer heat can be tough!

"It's definitely hard to wear a mask.. in this heat.. in 95-degree weather," said Ashlyn Tinsley.

So 18-year-old runner Madhav Bhat started the #MaskedMileChallenge to help show it's not as bad as it seems.

"Alright what's up guys today we're gonna be running the masked mile.. run a mile while wearing a mask," Bhat said.

By exercising in one, he said he hopes to show how easy it is to wear a mask doing everyday activities.

"What if I ran a mile with a mask on and sort of told everybody if I can run a mile with a mask on, you can wear it to the grocery store," Bhat said.

The goal of the challenge is to show the impact of doing one’s part to keep others safe.

"It's not a matter of politics. It's a matter of selflessness. It's about loving your neighbor," Bhat said.