'Don't tackle!' Family reunited with father after two-month COVID-19 battle

His daughter kept a journal, counting down the days til they could be reunited again.


This family missed their dad so much, the nurse had to remind them “don't tackle” when they finally saw him! Jacob Chlopek was in the hospital for two months because of numerous complications from COVID-19. A double kidney transplant recipient, Chlopek's simple sore throat turned into something much more serious. He developed Guillan-Barre Syndrome which caused his immune system to attack his nerves and paralyzed parts of his body. Chlopek was sent to the ICU, went into a coma and put on a ventilator.

His daughter, Jaina, kept a countdown journal till she was able to see her father again. You can watch the emotional family reunion in the video above.

Now facing a year's worth of outpatient treatments, he has a message for others: "It's no joke," Chlopek said. "It's not a flu. It's not your simple cold. It changed my life."