Girl paralyzed after car accident meets new 'furrever friend'

Juliet the puppy will be trained for the next year to help 6-year-old Memphis open doors, turn on light switches and more.


"I see two new best friends that are going to grow up together and go on new adventures and have some fun journeys. That's what I see. A lifelong friendship," Gayrene Meade said as her 6-year-old daughter, Memphis, met her new service animal.

Memphis’ grandmother, Tanya Meade, was driving the car that was hit head-on by a man who was killed in the crash. Tanya's brother also died. Since the accident in June, Memphis has been in the hospital and is paralyzed from the waist down.

“There are some nights when, you know, you just pull up a picture of her and you just to go to sleep hugging the phone,” Tanya Meade said.

According to Gayrene Meade, “She’s [Memphis] wanted a dog her whole entire life, and it sucks that this has to be the reason why she got a dog so soon.”

Thanks to support from the community, the Leeds Endowment and the Furry Friends organization, Juliet the puppy will be trained for a year before being reunited with Memphis.

“Juliet will be trained to pick things up off the ground. She’ll also be trained to turn light switches on and off. She’ll be trained to open up doors," said head trainer at Furry Friends Summit Earhart.