That's a 'reel' big fish: Fishermen reel in 10-foot, 1,000-pound tuna

The creature was so big, the fishermen thought it was a shark at first.


Three fishermen have quite the tale to tell.

"The first word that came I think to all three of our minds is 'beast'. This thing is an absolute beast," Smith said.

Capt. Dan Smith and his crew, Kyle Falle and Jim McCormack, could tell there was something at the end of their line. It was so big, they thought it was a shark.

"Usually when these fish hit, they hit and the bend the rod over and they go for a screaming run," Smith said.

It wasn't until a half hour into the struggle they realized what it was: a 10-foot, 1,000-pound giant bluefin tuna. It was so large, even their ship had issues pulling it in.

"We just started pulling it into the boat and the hauler just seized up. And it didn't want to pull the fish up any more and I never had that happen," Smith said.

Finally the crew was able to reel it in.

"When we hooked up, there's nothing like it. This is the biggest adrenaline rush, we're all going crazy," McCormack said.

The impressive catch became food overseas, but its legacy will remain.

"I think that fish has swam around here avoiding guys for 40 years, and it's kind of a big deal to catch him, for me at least," Smith said.

Watch more on this impressive catch in the featured video above.