Family business creates fitness, fun for people with disabilities

The Central Florida DreamPlex provides a variety of therapies for those with disabilities and their families, including upbeat dance classes.


As the owner of a home-based therapy company, Amy Gomes recognized the need for more programs for her clients with disabilities, including her own daughter, Abbey.

"As the kids got older and older we saw, as therapists, that they weren't staying active. They didn't have peer interaction, they just didn’t have jobs. And so, we thought, ‘We have got to do something about that,'" Gomes said.

Along with her son, Cameron Gomes, she created the DreamPlex in 2015 and run a variety of different therapy-based programs to help all kinds of families. Pre-pandemic, the dance classes were some of the most popular.

You can watch more about this popular dance class and the DreamPlex in the related video above.

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