Artist uses murals to celebrate Latinx culture in one of the most segregated cities in America

"By kinda seeing ourselves on the wall, it's a reminder that we're important," says artist Mauricio Ramirez.


"I think our culture is really beautiful and it's really cool to see how much of an impact we've had in the Milwaukee community," says artist Mauricio Ramirez.

He uses his art to highlight his culture in one of the most segregated cities in America: Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Originally from Mexico, his family immigrated to the United States has deep ties to the city.

"My family has had deep roots here since the ‘40s and ‘30s, and that's something that I always consider," he says. "They came over by railroad, and kind of helped build some of the tanneries here."

Ramirez has been working on murals throughout the city, like this one for Marquette University.

"I try to use every single color in the rainbow on my murals, but mainly I try to give my murals some soul."