After 60 years of searching, two brothers meet for the first time

Martin Hauser was so excited to meet his younger brother for the first time, he wore a shirt that said "Big Brother Finally!" at the airport to greet him.


This hug was 60 years in the making. Martin Hauser was born and adopted in 1962. As an adult, when he began to search for his biological family, it came up mostly empty.

It wasn't until new legislation in North Carolina opened a door: It allowed the organization that Hauser was working with, The Children's Home Society, to obtain certain documents related to his adoption. This included his father's death certificate, and that gave him his father's name, Joesph B. Shaw Sr.

"On the bottom, it said next of kin. Joesph B. Shaw Jr.," Hauser explained. "Within 15 minutes on Facebook, I found him."

The brothers began communicating on Facebook and were able to reunite in April. Excited to finally meet his younger brother, Hauser wore a shirt that said "Big Brother Finally!"

Watch the emotional reunion above.

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