Despite initial odds, couple celebrates 70th wedding anniversary

Ralph and Gloria share some secrets and advice about how they achieved a long and happy marriage.


Ralph and Gloria Kunkeoeller recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary, at first to some apprehension from their families. According to Gloria, "In 1950, people of different religions did not marry."

Ralph was Catholic and Gloria was Protestant, so the pair had to elope. Luckily, the conflict did not last long. "We got married in September, and by Christmas, we were all speaking," said Gloria.

The pair have built a beautiful life together, with one daughter and son-in-law, and have danced the world.

"We loved to go out and maybe have a drink, and especially if they had a band or something, to dance," Gloria said. "Yeah, we like to dance," agreed Ralph.

They lovebirds shared this advice so other couples can have their own happily ever after.

"Don't give up so easy. If you got a problem work it out. And there's more fun making up than there is breaking up," Gloria said.

Watch more about the couple in the featured video above.