Step Up Omaha teaches teen girls entrepreneurship during quarantine

'We still need to teach them the skills to prepare them for the future.'


Who would’ve thought that one of the lessons from quarantine would be entrepreneurship? For these teens in Omaha, that’s exactly what happened.

“We still need to keep the youth active and we still need to teach them the skills to prepare them for the future,” said Deborah Dogba.

Business Consultant Deborah Dogba partnered with the Empowerment Network to teach entrepreneurship to a group of young women virtually.

The ladies of Step Up Omaha are not only learning to cut and sew face masks.

They’re also learning marketing, pricing and business strategies they can use in the future.

“Different skills that you can have. Leadership skills, management skills to run a business,” said Deborah Dogba.

After months of working virtually, they can finally work in-person, in small groups that rotate using the workspace.

High school senior Jennifer Mendez sees the opportunity as a positive outlet.

“To just have an experience with working with different jobs like this,” said Jennifer Mendez. "Honestly, it's quite nice. It's relaxing.”

Dogba hopes that her efforts help the girls see themselves as leaders.

“They can apply it to anything in life,” said Deborah Dogba.