Step by step: Once paralyzed, Louisville man walks again

'That's where a new chapter in my life began.'


As he slowly walks down a hallway, 64-year-old Chris Jackson may not look like he’s doing much. But not long ago, he wasn’t sure he would ever walk again.

After leaving a University of Louisville football game with his son, his car was hit by a driver who didn’t stop at a stop sign.

Jackson suffered a mid-cervical vertebra spinal injury, leaving him paralyzed him from the neck down.

After surgery, Jackson began his recovery at Frazier Rehabilitation Institute.

“That's where a new chapter in my life began,” Jackson said.

With the help of nurses and doctors, Jackson slowly began to see improvements.

Eventually, he was even strong enough to work out on the treadmill.

And received support from his favorite team, the University of Louisville football players.

"They were pumping me up — ‘Mr. Jackson you can do this.’ They were working me hard and I was working off all this adrenaline, you know, and after all that was over, I was like oh it's a piece of cake," Jackson said.

This may not be the way Jackson saw his life going during retirement, but the fight in him to regain his mobility has never been stronger.

"I know walking is going to be tough, but I want to walk without those crutches," Jackson said.