Spontaneous piano performance leads to special gift for college student

Video shared on ReMARKable Estate Cleanout's Facebook page went viral


A college student walked into ReMARKable Estate Cleanout and asked to play a piano that caught his eye.

But in the process, John Capro stopped people in their tracks.

“It was good to hear him and as he started playing, people just started surrounding him right here,” said Mark Waters.

One of the employees posted a video of John’s performance to the store’s Facebook page.

And to their surprise, it went viral.

“People wanted to buy it for him and asked who he was, and I didn’t know who he was cause he was gone,” said Melissa Rediker.

When John caught wind that people loved his performance, he returned to the store for an encore.

“Everybody was saying who is this man...It's me!” said Melissa Rediker.

“I never actually took an official piano lesson. After a while, I started figuring out what chords were," John Capron.

“I'll give him the piano if he wants it and has space,” said Mark Waters.

John couldn’t turn down the opportunity.

“This will be the first piano I’ve ever owned,” said John Capron.

Both John’s performance and the store’s generosity are the acts of kindness we need now more than ever.

“It's my way of escaping. You don’t have to worry about anything else,” said John Capron.