Mysterious new species of venomous spider discovered in Florida

A Florida zookeeper inspecting some reptile research traps found an unusual spider one day in 2012. Curious, they took a picture for the research department. Unknown to them, they had just found an entirely unknown species of venomous spider.


Scientists discovered a new type of venomous spider in Florida, one apparently related to the tarantula.

Zoo Miami announced in a press release their staff aided in identifying the new species, dubbed the Pine Rockland Trapdoor Spider (Ummidia richmond).


The creature was first found in 2012 in an area near Zoo Miami by a zookeeper observing reptile research traps, according to the press release release.

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The zookeeper took a photo of the insect, and sent it along to the Conservation and Research Department for identifying. But the zoo said it "never matched any existing records for known species in the region."

Years of research later, Dr. Rebecca Godwin of Piedmont College in Georgia confirmed the spider was a new species, according to the release.

"Zoo Miami staff is grateful to Dr. Godwin for years of work in confirming the identification of this new species," the zoo said in the release, "and are inspired that discoveries like this can still be made, even in the middle of a large developed region like the Greater Miami Area."

According to Zoo Miami, this newly discovered breed is a "habitat specialist." Like other trapdoor spiders it constructs burrows that it hides in to help ambush prey.