South Carolina deputy saves choking baby during traffic stop. 1 year later, he becomes her godfather

A South Carolina deputy and his wife have been named godparents for a little girl the deputy saved when she was only days old.


Above video: South Carolina deputy saves choking baby

It has been one year since a South Carolina deputy pulled over a speeding driver and saved a newborn's life.

Inside that vehicle, a 12-day old baby girl was choking to death.

Berkeley County Sheriff's Deputy William Kimbro performed CPR and got her breathing again. He then passed her off to medical personnel, but she didn't leave his life.

That little girl has become family to him.

"On May 31 was Miss Ryleigh's [1-year] birthday, so she had her birthday and it was just phenomenal. We went to the birthday and it was great."

Days later, Kimbro and his wife were asked to be the child's godparents, and they accepted.

"What was the reason that I actually went down that street, you know?," he reflected of that day a year ago. "Because there were 5, 6, 7 other streets I could have gone down. You know what? As the saying goes, 'God works in mysterious ways.'"