Soon, you'll be able to order Chipotle through Facebook Messenger

Orders placed through Messenger can be for pickup or delivery.


Ordering a side of guac is getting a little easier.

Chipotle on Thursday introduced a series of enhancements to its mobile ordering capabilities, including Pepper, a concierge bot on Facebook Messenger.

Beginning June 22, customers can order on Messenger by visiting the Chipotle page on Facebook and selecting the "Message Us" option.

According to a news release from Chipotle, Pepper will ask for the customer's location to find the nearest Chipotle restaurant and then be guided through the ordering process.

Customers will then select a payment option. New customers can create an account or check out as a guest, while existing customers can log in to their Chipotle Rewards account to use saved payment information and redeem rewards.

Orders placed through Messenger can be for pickup or delivery.

"We're always working to enhance and optimize our digital capabilities and provide guests with a seamless ordering experience," Chipotle Chief Technology Officer Curt Garner said. "It is critical that we meet customers where they are spending time online and give guests ordering options that best fit their needs."

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Chipotle has also introduced group ordering, which allows customers to share a group order link for multiple people to participate in the ordering process at the same time, and an app in Canada.

Beginning Friday, the company will allow customers to round up their bill to the next highest dollar amount at checkout to donate to organizations advocating against issues such as systemic racism and inequality.