Six inspirational children you won't be able to forget

Proof you can beat the odds at any age


You should never judge a person's resilience by their age and these six individuals prove just that.

First, you'll meet seven-year-old Ariona Thomas whose entire life changed the night her mother's car was hit by a drunk driver in Nebraska.

Up next, you'll meet A.J. Burns. At the time of this story A.J. was a senior high school football player who never got in the game until one very special.

You might be familiar the Leadon family in Wisconsin. Both Jasmin and Lance Leadon were born with a rare motor-neuro condition and weren’t expected to live past 6 months old. But thanks to their parents and community, they have been given the strength to thrive.

At number five, you'll meet Max Ahlquist, another unforgettable high school senior who faced insurmountable odds after becoming paralyzed on a rafting trip.

Last but certainly not least is Ray Scott, a young man who used golf to change the trajectory of his entire life.

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