Sisters create yard signs to show support for Black lives

Their dream is to see one in every yard in America.


Two sisters. One incredible idea. Yards signs that show you care.

"What I like about it is that it sends a message that everyone can relate to. So even though it doesn't say ‘Black lives matter,’ to me it means Black Lives Matter," said Sa'Mya Lewis.

It’s a simple sign featuring a black heart on a white board, but Amari and Sa'Mya Lewis believe it’s a message everyone needs to see.

"It's in the message that we are welcome, that people that look like me," said Sa'Mya Lewis.

While family and friends work the assembly line, the sisters work to get these signs in as many yards as possible.

“We want one, we want one for our yard and we're going to pick up a couple more over there for some friends," says Jake, a happy customer.

"It's really nice to know that there's so many people that actually care about this movement and care about us as people," Amari Lewis said.

Their dream is to see one in every yard in America.

"My goal is to see some change the way we treat people in society," Lewis said.

If you'd like to purchase a yard sign, you can go to