Family finds Bible in junkyard with clue to find previous owner

A trip to a South Carolina junkyard has led one family on a surprise journey.


A trip to a South Carolina junkyard has led one family on a surprise journey.

“My husband and son went to the junkyard to find some parts for his truck,” said Gena Greer, of Simpsonville.

Two years ago, Greer says her son found an old Bible while searching for car parts at a junkyard.

“My son said, ‘Hey Dad, look what I found,’" Gena's husband Tyler Greer said. "And it was a Bible. I didn’t know what he had found. I thought he was looking for the part we had gotten.”

Greer says his son found the Bible laying on the floor of a van in the junkyard.

“Things just don’t happen just by chance," Tyler Greer said. "There’s definitely a reason.”

He says he and his son went to pay for some car parts along with the Bible that day.

“And the guy went, ‘That’s between you and God. I’m not going to charge you for a Bible. If you found it, it’s meant to be, so I’m not going to charge you for a Bible,’” Tyler Greer said.

You could call this find some sort of divine intervention. Coincidentally, the Greer family is very dedicated to their faith.

“Our faith is very important to our family," Gena Greer said. "Family is very important to us as well."

Greer says her son took the Bible home and kept it in his room. Two years later, Greer stumbled upon the Bible again.

“I started cleaning out his room this summer and came across it,” she said.

She started reading it. The pages were tattered and the pages were very delicate; some were ripped and others were folded at the corner.

“So I started going through the Bible and looking for any way, I wonder where this came from, who it belongs to and that’s when I came across the name,” Gena Greer said.

In between two pages tuck together, she found a name written in cursive — Gay S. Kelly.

“That’s it," she said. "That’s all.”

As Greer flipped through, she says she saw some things that she didn't recognize.

“It was printed in Great Britain and typically, you don’t find that,” she said.

Greer says this Bible was like one she had never seen before. It didn't resemble the other Bibles she owned.

“It just says, ‘To the King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, the defender of the faith,'" she said. "It just goes on and talks about this book, blessings to those who read this book.”

The Greer family is on a quest now to return the Bible to the hands of the person or family it came from.

“The stories it tells," Gena Greer said. "The history it holds behind it.”

Greer reached out on Facebook, in hopes of finding someone connected to Gay S. Kelly, but she hasn't had much luck so far.

“I know, if this is someone’s mother and maybe she passed away, this would be a great gift to give to that family,” she said.

The Greer family says it would be rewarding for them to find the family of the person to who the Bible belonged and be a part of another story on the Bible's journey.

“That’s just divine right there," Gena Greer said.