High school offensive lineman born with one arm earns college scholarship

"He's a testament that hard work and being a person of good character opens doors," his father said.


"When he was first born, it was crushing," Eric Gregory recalls of May 13, 2001.

His son, Dylan, was born without his left arm as his radial and humerus bones fused together without forming an elbow.

"All these questions start running through your head," Gregory said.

Eighteen years later, Dylan has answered those questions and then some, using football to overcome his lifelong obstacle.

"Football was something that I really enjoyed. Something that I was very passionate about," Dylan said.

Dylan was an offensive lineman for four years at Shiloh Christian School in Springdale, Arkansas.

"The things that really set Dylan apart were his attitude and effort," his coach Jeff Conaway said. "He worked extremely hard just like everyone else. He didn't make any excuses."

Dylan trained alongside his teammates and would add a prosthetic to his left arm on game days.

"Most guys, they come up to me and tell me, 'You're really inspiring and you really show me how to push through obstacles and how to overcome things.'"

Dylan's dominance protecting the offensive line for his navy-and-gold team earned him a scholarship to Northeastern State University in Talequah, Oklahoma.

"He's a testament that hard work and being a person of good character opens doors," Eric Gregory said.

He'll play for the Riverhawks about an hour and a half away from home in Springdale.

"It really minimizes everyone else's obstacles and their excuses," Conaway notes. "It was extremely contagious in a positive way. All of us got better because of our relationship with Dylan."