81-year-old nursing assistant honored for perfect attendance record amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Nursing assistant Tatiana Yopp, better known as "Grandma" around the health and rehabilitation center where she works, never missed a shift in all of 2020.


In spite of the dangers posed by COVID-19, 81-year-old certified nursing assistant Tatiana Yopp didn't miss a single shift in 2020.

She's better known as "Grandma" at the health and rehabilitation center where she works in Mount Airy, North Carolina.

On top of her 10-hour shifts, Tatiana even volunteered on weekends too. She credits staying busy and working every day for keeping her going.

"I have to keep going because if I sit down and close my eyes to what the world needs, and if I cannot offer that care and love for them, I would be nothing," she said.

Tatiana was recognized by the staff at the center for her perfect attendance record. She was surprised with a plaque honoring all her hard work.

But Tatiana stressed the importance of putting yourself in someone else's shoes, adding, "We have to give of ourselves, and you cannot do that if your heart’s not in it."

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