Search for man accused of abducting daughters ends in Maryland with 4 dead

The search for two Pennsylvania girls and their father, who is accused of kidnapping them, has ended in Maryland.


The search is over for Robert Vicosa, the man accused of abducting his two young daughters in Pennsylvania.

Vicosa, his daughters and a woman with them, Tia Bynum, are dead. They all had gunshot wounds, sources say.

Pennsylvania State Police said Bynum was in the front seat, while Vicosa and his daughters were in the back. Vicosa, Bynum and one of the girls were pronounced dead at the scene. The other girl was flown to a medical center in Hagerstown, where she was pronounced dead.

State police said there were multiple guns in the car, including an assault rifle.

Police say Vicosa, a former police officer, went on a dayslong crime spree with Bynum.

Search ends in Maryland

The search ended Thursday afternoon in Smithsburg, Maryland, south of Waynesboro.

York Area Regional police in Pennsylvania said U.S. marshals were tracking Vicosa's vehicle and then lost sight of it.

State and local police located the vehicle and tried to make a traffic stop.

"That vehicle failed to yield and began to drive erratically. During that erratic driving, the vehicle eventually drifted off the roadway and came to a stop. The Maryland State Police arrived and assisted the other agencies on scene and approached the vehicle. Upon approach of the vehicle, they found multiple fatalities inside the vehicle," Chief Timothy Damon said.

The York County district attorney said the situation is a tragedy and devastating for everyone involved in the investigation.

Scene of a crash in Maryland that is connected to the search for Robert Vicosa, who is accused of abducting his two daughters.
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Another kidnapping

Police said Vicosa and Bynum were involved in a kidnapping that happened in Maryland on Wednesday.

"We believe that these two suspects committed a kidnapping in Baltimore County yesterday afternoon in Cockeysville, which is in the northern area of Baltimore County," said Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt during a Thursday morning news conference. "During the incident, these suspects, who were armed with a handgun, carjacked an individual, forcing him to drive these two suspects throughout several different locations across the Baltimore metropolitan area. This victim was later released unharmed."

Hyatt made a direct plea to Bynum to release the girls.

"Please get these two innocent and precious children to a safe location. You can drop them off at a public safety facility or any other safe location with a responsible adult to care for them," she said.

Vicosa and Bynum

Vicosa was an officer with the Baltimore County Police Department in Maryland for 17 years. The department's director of public affairs said he was terminated in August. Before that, he was demoted from sergeant to officer.

Vicosa got into trouble for numerous issues, including failing to show up for court, improper conduct with female subordinates, sleeping on the job and refusing to perform his duties.

Bynum was also a Baltimore County police officer and a close friend of Vicosa.

Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt said Bynum worked for the department for 14 years. She was disciplined once for crashing a department vehicle into a tree.

Violent rampage, abduction

Police said Vicosa abducted his children on Sunday after assaulting their mother at his home in Windsor Township.

There was no sign of them until Tuesday in Red Lion, when police said Vicosa held a woman at gunpoint and stole her car and phone. His two daughters were with him.

The next reported sighting, as described above, was Wednesday's carjacking in Cockeysville.