Man who fled Six World Trade Center snapped photos once he got to safety

He remembers it all like it was yesterday.


Warning: The above video has footage that may be upsetting to some viewers.


Sept. 11, 2001, was a sunny day in New York City.

Randal Robinson, of Savannah, Georgia, had just arrived for a morning U.S. Customs Service seminar, being held on the fourth floor of Six World Trade Center.

One of the buildings that would soon be gone.

"And then when the thing hit...Boom. One of the New Yorkers said, 'Oh we don't have earthquakes in New York very often.'

And then.... Boom boom rumble rumble.... Dragging scraping sound.

Oh... somebody's moving furniture.

And we thought.... 'Naah.'

Then somebody stuck their head in the door and shouted, 'Everybody! Do not go down the elevator. Come down the steps and follow me.'"

Robinson remembers it all like it was yesterday. How they all dashed down the stairs to the street below. He looked up and saw the smoke.

Somebody said a corporate jet must have struck the building. He couldn't figure out how the pilot could have done it.

"Well heck, it had to be a heart attack or a stroke," he said. "It was beautiful weather. You couldn't miss seeing it. So I said, 'Well, hopefully, they'll get the fire put out soon.' So I pulled out my camera and started taking the pictures."

He snapped about a dozen images before realizing just what he was witnessing.

"So then when I ran out of film," he said, "I put in another roll of film and started to take more pictures and then someone said, 'Oh my gosh, people are jumping out.' So I said no more pictures."

He thought the firefighters would put it out. But they had no chance.

"In a few minutes, someone said 'Oh my god, here comes another one.' This other jetliner was coming down the river. Banked hard left. Came over our heads, engines screaming and hit Two World Trade Center."

He finally made it back to his hotel room and watched on TV with the other guests as the towers fell, including the building he had evacuated.

"...Thank the Lord we all got out safely."