Can going for a run change your community?

Tune in to watch "Human Race by Runner's World" on Sept. 20 and meet four runners who are making a difference in the world.


From a Black Lives Matter run in Brooklyn to a nun on the run in Chicago, runners are transforming their communities.

A Nun on the Run

Sister Stephanie Baliga has been a runner all of her life. She started running in high school, continued to run in college. When Baliga became a nun, she took a vow of poverty. But she has turned her love of running into a way to raise money for the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels on Chicago’s west side. The charity running team for Our Lady of Angels has raised close to $1 million, and they are having a ton of fun training for marathon races. Sister Stephanie ran the 2020 marathon on a treadmill. She broke a world record for a woman running a marathon on a treadmill and is considering qualifying for the 2024 Olympics.

Running to Protest

Coffey is a filmmaker, writer, actor and runner who lives with his family in Brooklyn, NY. After the murder of George Floyd in May of 2020, Coffey was inspired to organize a run as a peaceful form of protest. For the first run in June 2020, he thought a few dozen people would join the run. 700 people showed up to join the run. Running to Protest was born.

Since then, Coffey and other runners have continued to organize monthly runs and community discussions around race. Interested in learning more about the monthly runs? Follow @RunningtoProtest on Instagram.

Baliga and Coffey are two of the runners profiled in "Human Race by Runner's World", a new series streaming on Very Local Monday, Sept. 20 at 9 PM.

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