Rossen Reports: Will you get another stimulus check?

With key developments on a second stimulus check as well as progress in getting a vaccine, here are the takeaways you need to know.


You’re waiting for more money to roll your way. And it isn’t just you – schools and small businesses are, too.

The new relief proposal is out from Republicans and that means more money is heading your way with a second stimulus check. And small businesses as well as schools are getting more funding too.

So what does the second stimulus check mean for people?

"The latest is that this round of stimulus payments looks very similar to the last round of stimulus payments," Jean Chatzky, a personal finance journalist and CEO of "By that, I mean $1,200 for adults. They are given out until you earn $75,000 in income.

"The one big difference in this package in terms of the stimulus payments seems to be that they extend to all dependents rather than just dependents under the age of 17. And those dependent payments will be $500 per dependent."

This week also had big news in terms of vaccine development. What's the timeline now? Could we get an approved vaccine by the end of the year or early next year? And most importantly, when could it get in the hands of families?

"It is a big week because we have dozens of candidate vaccines going through clinical trials and some of them are entering phase 3 trials which is where the rubber really meets the road," said Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency physician and public health professor at George Washington University who also served as Baltimore's Health Commissioner.

"That’s where we’re testing to see whether these vaccines actually protect people from getting COVID and make sure they’re safe. But its’ still going to take time to produce theses vaccines. It's going to take time to get them injected. Ultimately it’s not the vaccine that saves lives, it’s the vaccination that saves lives. Best case scenario we’re looking at spring of 2021 for people to get this vaccine but that’s only if everything goes according to plan."

So when we hear a vaccine by the end of the year, it’s not like "I’m going to my doctor in December and getting a shot?"

"Seems extremely unlikely. Even under the most optimistic scenario we’re looking at the end of this year for getting the phase 3 clinical trials done and getting the vaccine approved," Wen said. "It’s going to be some time for it to be rolled out. And again we should not be thinking about the vaccine as a panacea because it might not be 100% effective, it might be 50% effective. We should still get it but it’s still likely that we should keep some element of our physical distancing, mask wearing, even after a vaccine is made available."

Reader's note: A new Rossen Reports special is airing this weekend. I’ll have everything you need to know from your money to your health and the very latest on schools with inside access to an elementary school doing some really fascinating things with plexiglass and piping. Plus, a hidden camera experiment you will need to see. Will kids keep their masks on when you tell them to in school and then the adult walks out of the room? Will they keep them on? Wait until you see the results! We will see you then!