Rossen Responds: Answers to all your questions about stimulus checks, unemployment for coronavirus relief

Answers to all your questions about stimulus checks and unemployment for coronavirus relief


We know you have a lot of questions about the coronavirus. Each day, we'll seek to answer them, by consulting our database of experts to get you accurate information on a range of topics. Check back tomorrow for another round. Submit a question of your own here.


Today's questions are all about the stimulus checks many Americans can expect to receive in the coming weeks. We get answers from economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin, president of the American Action Forum and former director of the Congressional Budget Office.

He answers questions about direct deposit of stimulus checks, unemployment under the relief package and whether self-employed workers or independent contractors qualify for the aid. Watch the video above for more on these subjects.

In the video below, Holtz-Eakin answers more questions about the checks many Americans will receive as part of the government bailout, including who's eligible and how much can they expect, and whether social security and disability recipients qualify for the stimulus check. Watch the video below for more.

Watch the video below to find out the answers to these questions: If you receive a stimulus check, will you have to pay it back? Will taxes be taken out and will you have to declare it as income next year? What about small businesses that are not closed but struggling–is there any help for them? And, should you abandon your 401K? Answering those questions is Cris deRitis, deputy chief economist at Moody's Analytics. He specializes in assessing the economy's impact on everything from household finance to credit markets to public policy.