Rossen Reports: Trace your missing child tax credit

If your check is missing in action, there are ways you can track it down.


Our Chief National Consumer Correspondent Jeff Rossen is hitting three big headlines in his latest Rossen Reports Rundown. Check it out in the video above.


Tracking your child tax credit

The first round of child tax credit payments are out but some of you have said you haven’t received the money you’re qualified for. If your check is missing in action, there are ways you can track it down.

  1. Double-check your bank account: The federal government says this is how the enhanced tax credit will appear in your account: IRS TREAS 310. The description should read: CHILDCTC.
  2. Check the portal: The IRS set up an online portal to help as well. You can check your status by seeing if the payment has been processed, how you’ll be getting it (by direct deposit or by a check in the mail), and when it’s expected to be delivered.
  3. Update your information: This could be the problem. Log into that portal to change your home address or your bank account information.
  4. File a trace: Wait a few weeks before adding work for yourself. If the payments are being mailed to you, it will take more time. If your paper check was mailed to your house but doesn’t arrive after four weeks, file the trace. If your direct deposit doesn’t arrive after five days after the expected deposit date, file the trace.

Click here for more information about the tax credit from the IRS.

Muffin recall

Check your kitchen cabinets! Give and Go Prepared Foods Corp. is recalling muffins for possible listeria contamination. The muffins were sold nationwide under different brand names, including Uncle Wally's, and store brands, including Great Value at Walmart. The muffins were purchased from a variety of places like 7-Eleven, Stop & Shop and all Walmart stores and Sam's Clubs.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says listeria can cause common food poisoning symptoms, like diarrhea and fever. It can be especially dangerous for senior citizens and pregnant women. Check the full list of recalled muffins right here.

Discounts for teachers

Educators are heading back into the classroom to get ready for the fall school year. Major retailers are offering discounts to help you do that. Many retailers offer discounts for K-12 teachers, home school teachers, day care center educators, early childhood learning centers, university or college professors and trade school educators.

  • Target: You can get 15% off classroom supplies right now through July 31. All you have to do is sign up for their loyalty program, called Target Circle.
  • Staples: You can get 20% off select purchases now through Sept. 30. Head to the Staples Connect App and join the Classroom Rewards program.
  • Barnes and Noble: Head to your local store to sign up for their free B&N Educator program. You can get 20% off books for the classroom. You’ll also get first access to helpful educational resources, valuable email offers, and information on exclusive Educator events.