Rossen Reports: Fast food 'secrets' to get more for less

What’s your favorite fast food hack or secret?


With the kids out of school and summer activities in full swing, sometimes grabbing fast food is easier! But with fast food prices rising, you don’t want to break the bank on French fries or a hamburger.

WATCH VIDEO ABOVE: Our Chief National Consumer Correspondent Jeff Rossen has some secret tips and tricks to get you more food, while still paying less money. Plus, a viral TikTok sends Jeff into a fast-food investigation. Are you really getting what you pay for?

What’s your favorite fast food hack or secret? Share them with us! Shoot a video of your favorite fast food hack or write it up and post it on my Facebook or on Twitter. Make sure to use the hashtag #RossenReports. Looking forward to seeing your tricks!

Here are some money-saving secrets we found:


  • Want a Venti iced coffee? Order a Grande with no ice. Then ask for a Venti cup of ice. You’ll get more coffee in the medium but will still have some ice to keep it cold.
  • Starbucks is now accepting clean reusable cups in U.S. stores. Customers that bring in their clean reusable cup will receive $.10 off their Starbucks beverage.
  • Becoming a Starbucks Rewards member will save you money too. Every dollar spent earns you Starbucks Stars that add up to things like free beverages, food and merchandise.
  • Starbucks Rewards members receive a free treat on their birthday.
  • You can also get free delivery on your Starbucks order through Uber Eats every Thursday when you spend $10 or more throughout the month of July.


  • Want more bang for your buck? Ask for a burrito bowl rather than a burrito. We went to three different Chipotles, where the cost of the burrito and the burrito bowl were the same. We asked for the same exact contents in each. We weighed each one against each other and found the burrito bowl weighed more (contained more food) than the burrito itself. Missing the tortilla? We asked for a tortilla on the side: all three restaurants gave it to us for free.


  • This is good for the kids…especially those that don’t finish their meals! Rather than ordering a regular chicken sandwich for each, you can get two sandwiches for cheaper. Get an order of chicken tenders (you’ll get four breaded chicken tenders) and ask for a couple of buttered buns on the side. They’ll usually only charge you 50 cents for the buns. You can then make two chicken sandwiches for more than a dollar less than you would normally pay. And if you’re wondering, the sandwiches are pretty similar, just minus the pickles that come on a regular one.

Happy Hours

  • Happy Hour isn’t just for the bar anymore. Fast food chains are doing happy hours where they slash prices, even offering food for just a dollar. Some of the big ones we’ve seen? Arby’s and Taco Bell do theirs from 2-5 p.m. Sonic does a happy hour from 2-4 p.m. Keep your eyes out for your favorite restaurant, they may do one too! Make sure to double-check with your local location to ensure they participate as well.