Rossen Reports: Check out this driverless truck delivering groceries

Imagine driving down the road and seeing a truck making grocery deliveries — without a driver inside. A major retailer is doing it right now.


Our Chief National Consumer Correspondent Jeff Rossen is hitting three big headlines in his latest Rossen Reports rundown.

Driverless Deliveries

Walmart and the tech start-up Gatik have been testing out autonomous vehicles since December 2020. Now the companies have announced that they’ve been successfully operating autonomous box trucks without a safety driver inside.

The trucks are loaded with groceries at a fulfillment center and then drive to a Walmart where employees unpack the trucks. Once unloaded, the truck heads back to the center for more stuff. They’ve been going on a seven-mile loop for 12 hours a day near the Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Walmart and the mobile app Ibotta are teaming up to offer free Thanksgiving meals. All you have to do is download the Ibotta app and link it to your Walmart account.

As you shop, you add the specific items to your cart. Then you’ll get cash back on those items. There are ten different things ranging from stuffing to cornbread, totaling about $27. This offer is only good until supplies last. Check out more information here.

Cravings Report

Uber Eats is out with its annual “Cravings Report” of the most popular foods and unusual orders across the country. Here are some of the highlights:

Most polite states: The most polite states are Montana, Vermont, Oregon, Idaho and Washington – they say “please” and “thank you” the most in their instructions.

Most generous tippers: Customers in Asheville, North Carolina, Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Florida Keys.

Picky eaters: Eaters in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Georgia seem to be the pickiest – these states are most often adding special instructions to their orders.

Most laid back: People in West Virginia, Delaware, Utah, South Dakota and Missouri are super laid back. They hardly ever add special instructions.

Top three popular cuisines: Mexican, Burgers/Sandwiches and Chinese.

Top three most ordered items: French Fries, Pad Thai and Garlic Naan.

Most unique requests: “I need at least three apples, thank you.”

“Please make sure that there are a TON of mushrooms. Like I literally love mushrooms. Some reasonable people when they say extra cheese, they mean like maybe 50% more cheese. I am not a reasonable person. Please. I love mushrooms."

"Important: side of rainbow sprinkles."

"I just really need a Phillips head screwdriver.”