Robotic pets provide companionship, comfort to dementia patients

These therapy dogs and cats might be robots but, for these dementia patients, they're ideal companions.


A rehabilitation center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is introducing its dementia patients to some new furry friends through a robotic pet therapy program.

The dogs and cats made by Joy For All Companion Pets might robots, but they provide the same love and companionship any pet would with no veterinary care required. The robots are small enough to where residents can hold them in their lap, and they're also just big enough to be hugged. Residents can enjoy the company of a dog or a cat, which are capable of barking or meowing, respectively.

The Lancaster Lions Club gifted the companion pets to the residents of the Conestoga View Nursing and Rehab Center, and, so far, the facility's staff says the program has seen positive results.

Watch the video above to see how these therapy robots are helping senior citizens with dementia.