A woman with millions of Instagram followers was found slain. Her family believes a crazed fan did it

"Now we have to get used to life without her, and that makes your heart heavy."


The parents of a 33-year-old woman who had nearly 3 million followers on Instagram are in mourning after a man who they believe was a crazed fan made his way into her home and killed her.

Mark Gagnier said it scared him that his daughter, Jenae Gagnier, had such a large following on social media.

"My daughter was beautiful. That scared the hell out of me. And she kept trying to get more and more beautiful. She worked on it hard. That scared the hell out of me," he told KTRK-TV.

On Sunday night, after he hadn't heard from his daughter in two days, he went to check on her at her apartment and found her dead.

Authorities said she was strangled to death.

Her alleged killer was still in the apartment with a self-inflicted stab wound.

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