Police: 12-year-olds stole family SUV, went on multi-state joyride

The joyride ended when the two Rhode Island tweens ran out of gas in Connecticut, police said.


Two Rhode Island 12-year-olds went on a joy ride in the family BMW on Wednesday that ended in another state.

Police said they've never seen a case quite like this one, but fortunately, it has a happy ending. The 12-year-olds left around midnight when family members were sleeping.

The pair ran out of gas in Connecticut, about 60 miles away from where they started.

"For two 12-year-olds to be on the highway with a car in the middle of the night is extremely dangerous and I think were fortunate the car did run out of gas," Lt. Phillip Gingerella, of the Charlestown Police Department, told WJAR-TV.

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