Rewarding summer job: Baltimore students make face shields at home for essential workers

Since April, Dent Education students have assembled 21,000 face shields.


Dent Education is empowering Baltimore students to make a difference in their community by paying them to make face shields for essential workers.

Students, like Iyona Barnes, are paid $1 for each face shield.

She’s already made 400.

"Once I found out that they were making face shields and, like, actually making a change, I wanted to be a part of it. And I'm actually proud of myself,” said Iyona Barnes.

Student volunteers receive packages with the materials and instructions to make the shields. When the shields are completed, warehouse volunteers inspect each one before they are sold.

"Giving students an opportunity to make a direct impact by supporting frontline workers. So they can see the things they're building can have an impact. For example, the Fire Department bought 2,100 face shields," said Micky Wolf, the Director of Programs for Dent Education .

Since the Dent Education program launched in April, students have assembled 21,000 face shields.

"I think that the other big thing students are getting is a feeling of ‘I'm making a difference. I can make a dent’ and they actually are making a dent in the community right now,” said Micky Wolf.

“I think the money is nice to have in my pocket, but overall it's the goal of helping essential workers and making sure they're safe," said Iyona Barnes.