Reports: Jeep drives through protesters on interstate in Colorado, weapon fired

Police said a vehicle drove on I-225 through the protestors.


Two people were injured after a Jeep drove into protesters who were on an interstate Saturday in Colorado, according to reports.

Police said a protester also fired a weapon during the time of the incident, hitting another protester who was taken to the hospital in stable condition, The Denver Post reported.

It did not appear the vehicle hit anyone, KUSA-TV reported.

In gatherings that were peaceful throughout the day, people called for justice for Elijah McClain, a self-taught violinist who died last summer after three white officers stopped the Black man as he walked down the street and one put him into a chokehold.

Gatherings also sought to show solidarity with protesters in Portland, Oregon, amid face-offs with federal agents, the newspaper reported.

The news outlet said another person was injured apparently after falling or jumping off a wall on I-225 amid the chaos.

KCNC-TV reported it happened when protesters were marching on Interstate 225. Police said a vehicle drove on I-225 through the protestors.

Later, agitators broke into a courthouse and attempted to start fires, Aurora police said, soon declaring an unlawful assembly.

This is a developing story.