Remote control racing every bit as competitive as NASCAR, racers say

RC racing is a type of car racing that's often overlooked.


It's a type of car racing that's often overlooked.


But for the people who spend countless hours working on their vehicles to prepare for the next drop of the checkered flag, it's one of the most important activities in their lives.

We're talking about remote control racing.

"We eat, sleep and breathe it every day," one RC enthusiast said. "If I'm not here, I'm usually working on the car. If I'm not working on the car, I'm talking to somebody about racing."

Chip Baysden, a photojournalist at our sister station WYFF, recently visited three in the South Carolina area: Easley R/C, Fountain Inn RC Complex and Lakeside RC Speedway.

He captured just a taste of the excitement of the races and the devotion the racers have for the remote-controlled racing sport.

"A lot of people may think RC racing as just a little remote control car that you buy at Walmart something, but it's far from that," says Fountain Inn RC Complex owner C.J. Mason.

Danny Stockton, a crew chief for Kyle Busch Racing says RC racing sharpens his skills for NASCAR.

"It keeps my brain sharp," Stockton said. "It keeps me thinking about racing and it keeps me thinking about changes and what does what. But it's the same work ethic. It's the same testing. It's the same of everything, The reason I choose this is because I can compete at the highest level and be able to afford to compete at the highest level."

One of the only women who races at Clover RC builds her own motors, takes them apart and puts them back together again.

"I'm still learning what I do to the car and how it affect (the race)," Gabby Allhouse., from Akron, Ohio, said. "It's intimidating being the only lady, especially because I'm younger than a lot of the people, too."

Lakeside RC Speedway owner Randy Bolin said she's consistently one of the fastest racers out there.

"I get a thrill just racing with everyone and the feeling, when I qualify for the fastest time, it's just really great to me," Allhouse said.

The speed, the cars and the precise nature of the sport all combine to make for a lot of excitement.

"Everything that NASCAR's got on it, you've got on it here," one man said.

But there's one thing that is different from NASCAR racing: the danger.

"There's one thing you should note," Bolin said. "If I wreck my car, flip it 15 times, I walk away from it, every time."