Recovered coronavirus patient thanks 'hero' nurse who kept him company while isolated in hospital

When Walter Ruiz couldn't see loved ones while hospitalized with COVID-19, a nurse kept him company and encouraged him to keep fighting.


When Walter Ruiz was hospitalized fighting COVID-19 — he was separated from friends and family during a time when he needed them most.

He told WCPO-TV that he was scared, and he thought he was going to die.

"When you don't have nobody around you, no members of your family around you, it's really hard," Ruiz told the TV station.

A nurse at Mercy Fairfield Hospital in Cincinnati helped him have the strength to keep fighting, keeping him company during isolation, and now that he's recovered, he wanted to properly thank her.

But due to the extensive personal protective equipment nurses wear in the coronavirus unit, he had trouble identifying the nurse that he said helped him so much.

Eventually, though, he found that Lisa Lane was who he was looking for.

Watch the video above to watch their heartwarming reunion.