Quite a surprise: Police officer deliver's chief's grandchild

When the officer was called in to assist a mother in labor, he found his boss’s daughter in need of help.


Quite a surprise overnight for an Oklahoma police officer called in to help a mother in labor.

He found his boss’s daughter in need of help.

Early Friday morning, Officer Mark Swinton with the Luther Police Department was sent to a home where a woman was in active labor. To his surprise, the woman was also the daughter of police Chief Johnny Leafty.

"He was pretty calm until he found out it was the boss’s daughter, you know," Leafty said. "He said that kind of got him a little excited for a little bit, but as soon as he got on scene and his training kicked in, he just kind of rolled with it."

Although Swinton had some fears, he is trained and prepared for situations like this one – no matter who he’s helping.

Even though Kaylynn White is no stranger to childbirth, she wasn’t expecting her third time to turn out like this.

"The first two, they came pretty quickly, so it wasn’t really too surprising she came quickly, but it was a little surprising she came that quick," White said.

Mom and baby are safe and healthy.