Puppy party: Dogs love daily gatherings in neighbor's yard

Neighborhood dogs can't wait to get to Keith's yard each day.


Keith Roles is his community's dog whisperer.

Neighbors say their dogs can't wait to get to his yard each day.

"No dog passes Keith's house without a treat," neighbor Evie Fawbus told KARE. "I can hardly control them coming down the hill."

Fawbus said her dog, Sylvie, "knows that Keith plus treats equals that she has to be there."

Keith said it all started when he began handing out treats to dogs shortly after he moved to Apple Valley, Minnesota.

Then, Keith became a treat-bearing Santa for the neighborhood pups. At this point, neighbors also help Keith and his wife, Linda, replenish the supply of treats.

Dogs even pull their owners to Keith and Linda's home when he's not home. The gatherings of the dogs and their owners have continued throughout the pandemic and political tension.

"I hope that, by doing what I've done, that it's helped them get through it," Keith said.

Keith and Linda say they don't own any dogs of their own, but they're getting plenty of puppy love.

"They're all our dogs, we get to enjoy them all," Linda Roles said.