Pre-K teacher continues virtual schooling from son's hospital room

'I know I am a mom, but also I’m a teacher.'


“My family comes first, but because we're remote I was able to fulfill both at one time,” said Tanya Curry.

While preparing to begin a new school year virtually, Pre-K teacher Tanya Curry’s 5-year-old son, Ayden, had an unexpected emergency.

“He ended up swallowing a small round battery,” said Curry.

While helping her son recover, Tanya decided she wasn’t going to leave her students behind. Tanya began giving lessons live from her son’s hospital room.

“I’m not going to say it's easy. It is challenging being a mother of three young boys, I have twins, the youngest is 4. But also being a teacher during a global pandemic, both of those are very challenging, but God has given me the grace to do both of them,” said Curry.

Thanks to Tanya, both her son and students are on track.

“I know I am a mom, but also I’m a teacher. So I wanted to make sure I was able to fulfill both roles," said Curry.