Post-apocalyptic property could become your very own hobbit house

A realtor says the bunker is the perfect post-pandemic buy.


If you’re in the market for a doomsday bunker, you could be in luck. Tucked away on 13 acres in Vermont is a post-apocalyptic hobbit house.

"A very cool piece of property," said Igor Polenov, the realtor for the property. "You don’t see a lot of bunkers out there. You see a lot of cool things in Vermont just no bunkers."

Polenov said it's a unique property and is looking for an equally unique buyer.

"Somebody looking to get away from it all and build on this completely unique foundation," he said.

The history of the doomsday bunker is unclear. It was built in the 1990s but abandoned before it was finished.

"He was obviously concerned with security. Reinforced concrete, why would you build something like that?" Polenov said.

The walls are ten inches thick to withstand additional pressure and the roof is insulated with multiple layers of protective sheathing.

"The roof is the best part of it. This is apparently the same technology they use in nuclear bunkers," Polenov said.

But fear not. There are window openings to offer natural light. The grass surrounding the house is overgrown, but the land offers a diverse habitat.

"Behind that tree line, there’s a swamp, patch of woods, a little duck pond over there, plenty of wildlife," Polenov said.

The structure may look less than inviting, but the views are breathtaking.

"We’ve got a bunker in the middle with a commanding lake view. This is one of the highest locations on the island," Polenov said.

The property was put up for sale amid a tight housing market in Vermont.

"There’s definitely greater interest in Vermont in general, people escaping inner cities. I think this is the perfect post-pandemic thing," Polenov said.

He is prepared to wait for the perfect adventurous buyer.

"I like challenge. I saw this as a challenging project and I thought it was something fun," Polenov said.