Police officers reunite with baby they saved from choking

Baby MJ is thankfully happy and healthy.


Five Florida police officers reunited with the baby they saved from choking.

Officers said it was a combination of training and good luck that helped them save a choking little MJ.

Body camera footage showed the chaotic scene as Amanda Zimmerman handed her lifeless toddler to Officer Miguel Lanzo, who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

"I wanted the baby to be alive," Lanzo said.

The group of Kissimmee officers talked about the moment MJ was choking on a Goldfish cracker and stopped breathing.

Lanzo said he just started his Saturday shift when he noticed Zimmerman running out of her home, holding MJ.

Lanzo took MJ and immediately started giving him CPR.

"Try to save the boy. That was the only thing that was going through my mind was try to save the boy. Especially seeing him in that condition, just wanted to save his life, that's all," Lanzo said.

The Kissimmee officers took turns giving back thrusts and clearing MJ's airway until paramedics arrived.

MJ is now healthy and happy. The police who saved his life got a chance to see him again Wednesday.

Zimmerman is grateful for the police who just happened to drive by during the most critical moment of her life.

"It's amazing to see them and be able to thank them personally," Zimmerman said.