Pennsylvania police officer saves 9-day-old baby after she stopped breathing

A Pennsylvania police officer was flagged down by a father calling for help after his baby girl stopped breathing. The officer's quick thinking and performing CPR saved the baby's life.


Pennsylvania police Officer Kristin Mitrisin was driving through the city of Pittsburgh on Saturday to take drugs collected during her department's drug take-back event to a facility when a father began flagging her down in traffic.

"I heard beeping next to me. I looked over to the side, I saw a gentleman waving in his car," said Mitrisin. "I put down my window and I asked him 'Sir, do you need help with something?' He said 'Yes, I need you to get me to the hospital my baby is not breathing.'"

Mitrisin said it took a second to register what he had just said.

"I said 'Sir, did you just say your baby is not breathing,' and he said 'Yes, my baby is not breathing' and I said 'You need to pull over right here. I have to help you here,'" said Mitrisin.

Mitrisin said she performed CPR on the tailgate of the police pickup truck that she was only driving to transport boxes, in a community where she wouldn't typically be.

"The baby finally took a gasp for air after about a minute of CPR," Mitrisin said.

The officer said after a few more rounds of CPR, the baby, Olivia, began to cry. Mitrisin said the paramedics were still minutes away, but a new nearby emergency room was just seconds away.

"I put the mother and the baby right in the police car we went right there. We were there in 20 seconds," said Mitrisn. "I took the baby from the mother and ran it into the doctors."

According to the GoFundMe set up for Olivia's family, the doctors found the baby girl was living with a heart condition.

"I just ask everyone to pray for the baby I hope she's able to make a strong recovery," said Mitrisin. "I'm just thankful I was there to help them on that day."