Police officer forms special friendship with 4-year-old cancer survivor

"He approached me and it was like God sending me an angel real quick."


Police Officer Levoid Sallis and 4-year-old Alex have developed a special relationship.

It started when Alex went to a high school football game to watch his aunt, Caitlin Reyes, in the marching band.

"We were leaving and we saw him (Officer Sallis), and they talked, and they started talking, and he let him go in the cruiser to play with the lights," Reyes said.

"He started playing with the steering wheel and he wanted to turn the lights on, so I let him turn the lights on and honk the horn," Sallis said.

The encounter was extra special for Alex, who was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 18 months old. He’s in remission now, but one of his wishes was to meet a police officer and be a cop.

"When he let him do the stuff that he wanted to do, it really touched us, because we almost lost him," Reyes said. "It made him happy."

The new friendship also made Sallis happy.

"He impacted me as well, because my mom’s battling cancer right now," Sallis said. "He approached me and it was like God sending me an angel real quick, you know? It helped me out."