Police detective dies after being stung by hornets more than 40 times

The hornet attack happened as the 59-year-old and a friend were removing a deer stand that was in the woods.


A police detective in Indiana died in an accident earlier this month after he was stung by hornets more than 40 times, according to reports.

Larry Crenshaw was a 26-year veteran of the Anderson Police Department, where he previously served as police chief, according to People.

The hornet attack happened on Oct. 4 as Crenshaw and a friend were removing a deer stand located in the woods, The (Anderson) Herald Bulletin reported.

The friend who was with Crenshaw survived the attack, but his condition is unknown.

Rush County Coroner Ron Jarman told the newspaper that Crenshaw had an allergic reaction to the stings.

“He was stung by hornets between 40 and 50 times,” Jarman said.

The 59-year-old is survived by his wife, three children and two grandchildren.

A new scholarship has been established in Anderson, Indiana, in Crenshaw's memory, his son said on Facebook Sunday.

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