Family saves freezing pigeon: 'We traded a couple hours of our lives' for a few more of his

A good Samaritan saved a starving pigeon who got caught out in the cold.



An Omaha, Nebraska native came to the aid of an ailing pigeon he spotted from his garage.

"Came back around and there was a frozen pigeon sitting there," explained Kris Phillipson, the man who rescued the bird. "He kind of waddled up to me a little bit, so I went over to inspect him and I noticed he wasn't doing good."

Kris saw the bird move closer to him before hitting the skids while trying to fly away.

"He somehow flew over or hopped over the fence to my neighbor’s yard, and I found him over there kind of face-down, wings spread out," he said. "He had just completely given up."

So Kris decided to let the pigeon warm up inside his home.

"I thought it was pretty interesting that he basically walked up to me and kind of asked for help," he noted.

The next morning, Kris and his wife brought the bird in to get checked out, and he soon ended up at Nebraska Wildlife Rehab.

Laura Stastny, executive director for Nebraska Wildlife Rehab, stated, "This pigeon was extremely emaciated. He was very much near death if they had not picked him up he would have died."

Laura also revealed that they warmed the bird up further and gave him food to eat, adding, "If you can walk right up to a wild animal, then there is definitely something wrong with it, and it's time to call experts."

The pigeon was expected to make a full recovery in three to four weeks.

But had it not been for Kris’ act of kindness, that probably wouldn’t have happened.

"Here’s what I believe about this and every other instance," Laura said. "Some people would say, 'It's just a pigeon. Who cares? Why would you save it,' right? But the reality is, it is a living being."

For Kris, it was simple: "We traded a couple hours of our lives for hopefully a couple more years of his."

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