New bodycam footage reveals what Gabby Petito told officers about dispute with fiance Brian Laundrie

Additional body camera video from the Moab Police Department includes another conversation between Gabby Petito and an officer.


Additional body camera video from the Moab Police Department includes another conversation between Gabby Petito and an officer from Aug. 12, weeks before she went missing.

In the first video released by the department, the conversations that led to the separation of Petito and Laundrie for the night included the fact that she had slapped him several times, but she said he had not hit her.

She was not charged for domestic assault because officers believed she was not being malicious toward Laundrie.

In the new video released Friday, Petito can be heard telling an officer that she had been hit by Laundrie after she slapped him several times.

"Is there something on your cheek here?" the officer said. "Looks like — did you get, did you get hit in the face? Kind of looks like something like hit you in the face. And over on your arm, shoulder right here. That's new? That’s kind of a new mark?"

Petito responded: "Um, yeah, I don’t know."

The conversation goes back and forth for a moment before the officer asks: "Did he, did he hit you though, I mean I mean it's okay if you're saying you hit him. I understand if he hit you, but we want to know the truth if he actually hit you. Because you know."

Petito responded: "I guess, I guess, yeah. But, I hit him first."

When asked where, she replied: "Well, he, like, grabbed my face, just like, I guess. He didn’t, like, hit me in the face. Like, he didn’t, like, punch me in the face or anything."

The officer asked, "Did he slap you in the face or what?"

The last part of the video is of Petito saying, "Like, he like grabbed me with his nail and, I guess, that’s why it looks … I definitely have a cut right here. I can feel it. It burns."

The latest in the Petito case

Petito's funeral was Sunday and her family held a news conference from New York on Wednesday.

The family thanked law enforcement for helping find their daughter and announced a new foundation in her name. The family also showed their new matching tattoos – the same ones Petito had on her own arms.

"I don’t want to dismiss the ridiculously hard work the FBI and law enforcement did, but social media has been amazing and very influential, and to be honest, it should continue for other people, too," Petito's father, Joseph Petito, said.

The family did not talk about the ongoing search for Petito's boyfriend and person of interest in the case, Brian Laundrie, who has been missing for two weeks, other than their lawyer urging Laundrie to turn himself in to the FBI.

The search for Laundrie

FBI officials returned to the Laundrie home Thursday for fresh items with Laundrie's scent for bloodhounds.

The manhunt for Brian Laundrie in the Carlton Reserve has been significantly scaled back over the last week.

Though authorities have not explicitly connected Laundrie to Petito's death, they are looking for him, in part as a response to a federal arrest warrant accusing him of illegally using another person's debit card.