'People are hungry and we need to feed them': Community fridges are popping up around New York City

Dozens of volunteers clean the refrigerators, give food and take food every day.


As the coronavirus pandemic continues and millions face financial hardships due to unemployment, communities in New York City have come up with a creative way to help those in need.

Francisco Rameriz is one of dozens of volunteers who helps maintain a community refrigerator in Brooklyn.

It's painted and features black lettering that says "everybody's fridge."

"We are sending a message as a community of unity and love," Rameriz told WPIX.

Although no one person is really in charge, Rameriz said volunteers clean the fridge and donate food for others to take.

"You don't have to be rich, you don't have to be that accessible," said Bahar Baharloo, a resident who dropped off a dozen eggs while riding past on her bike. "You can walk by and just put a snack in the fridge. If you can give, just give. All you have to do is put something in there. It's not hard."

There are 11 community fridges that have popped up across New York City: six in Brooklyn, two in the Bronx and three in Manhattan. The next community fridge is planned for Queens.

Food is delivered by a group of more than 50 people and two nonprofit organizations. Some community fridges are close to free libraries and clothing banks.

"Some of the most simple things are the most profound," Baharloo said. "People are hungry and we need to feed them."